Community Dialogue and Engagement

  • In 2018, we held 23 community advisory panel (CAP) meetings around the world, engaging with community members on topics they care most about.

    Chile CAP Meeting at the plant

    The topics of our CAP meetings vary, depending on community needs and concerns. Here are some highlights from 2018:

    Our Trinidad location revised its CAP charter to expand its membership to 13 people. The site management team hosted a Disaster Preparedness Workshop with CAP members to increase community resilience following natural disasters; community members were also invited to the workshop.

    In Medicine Hat, Canada, we held our second open house (Community Day) in June 2018, as part of our commitment to transparency with the public. (See sidebar story, below.)

    In Taranaki, New Zealand, meetings included a visit to Aica (one of our customers), a bio-diesel demonstration, a visit to Port Taranaki, and a visit to our new control panel room at Waitara Valley. CAP members were updated on safety issues, turnarounds, and our community engagement and giving program. In a unique joint venture, CAP members and Methanex personnel presented their collaborative work at the Waitara community night market.

    Geismar, USA CAP meetings included sharing of environmental performance data and sharing of a study on the economic impacts of the chemical industry on the state of Louisiana. CAP members also held discussions about mutual aid (the network of emergency-response resources from neighbouring facilities in the area) and lent their support to a local program that exposes high-school students to jobs in the manufacturing industry.

    In Egypt, extensive efforts were spent collaborating with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry on implementing programs that support women and youth, employment opportunities, and small-scale entrepreneurship. See more about these efforts in stories below. 

    In Punta Arenas, Chile, CAP meetings included discussions about the restart of the Chile IV plant and improved gas availability in Chile, as well as our upcoming activities to celebrate 30 years in the region. CAP members presented information about their own institutions and how Methanex plays a role in their objectives.

  • Launch

    Celebrating 30 years in Chile

    Methanex celebrated 30 years of operations and presence in the Magallanes province, Chile. To thank the community for three decades of partnership, two initiatives were carried out.

    First, Methanex was instrumental in the publication of a book of photographs titled 30 años de historia en rostros magallánicos (“30 years of history in faces of Magallanes”). The book features people from the community who have contributed important work in areas ranging from sports, literature, and the arts, to education and inclusion. This initiative expressed Methanex’s pride as a member of the Magallanes community.

    The second initiative was our commissioning of a study of the perfil Magállanico (“Magellan profile,” or “Being from Magellan”). The study was carried out by a prominent survey company, GfK Adimark, and presented to the community by Methanex. Its purpose was to demonstrate with facts and numbers who the Magellan people are, what they do, what they like, and what they expect. This gift was well received by the Magallanes community.

    Launch of the book 30 años de historia en rostros magallánicos

    Launch of the book 30 años de historia en rostros magallánicos

  • The

    Reaching our community in Medicine Hat, in partnership with our CAP

    One way we fulfill our commitment to being transparent with the public is through Community Open House days. The Medicine Hat site held its second open house (Community Day) in June 2018. Most of the site’s employees volunteered at the event, which included a charity BBQ, bus tours, an emergency response demonstration, and information booths. Approximately 300 individuals received a bus tour, including two classes from Alexandra Middle School. Among the 300 were two classes of students from a local middle school, as well as four members of our CAP (who managed an information booth).

    Members of our CAP were on hand to speak about their experiences.  Methanex invited the Palliser Airshed Society, Safety City (a community safety program for children), and Praxis Society—organizations closely aligned with our operations—to set up booths at the event. Praxis set up science stations for children, including one where the students could make methanol molecules out of candy and toothpicks.  

    The Maintenance team at their display at Community Day

    The Medicine Hat Maintenance team with their Community Day display

  • We incorporated lessons learned from emergency-response exercises and training into our emergency-response plans.

    Training, drills, and exercises are a regular part of our emergency-response programs in each region. After each drill or exercise, we evaluate what we did well and what we can do better, then incorporate these lessons learned into emergency-response plans. These plans are in place to guide us in the event of a real emergency.

    Emergency Response - Fire Truck

    In 2018, these programs advanced in unique ways in each region.

    • In Europe, we conducted two emergency-response exercises that focused on pipeline scenarios in the UK. We also updated our regional ER program, including basic training for emergency responders and improvements to our communication channels.
    • Our emergency-response team in Medicine Hat, Canada held a TRANSCAER transportation safety training event to educate local first responders about products moving through the communities via rail and truck. A day later, they held a full-scale emergency-response exercise that involved local Emergency Medical Service (EMS), the Medicine Hat Police, and the Medicine Hat Fire Department.
    • Methanex Chile hosted its 11th annual fire-fighting training camp at the Chilean Fire Academy outside of Santiago. This year, they invited 19 health, safety, and environmental representatives from diverse sectors and industries across Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, and Chile. During this four-day event, training addressed topics such as Responsible Care, risk management, and fire ground control exercises, using state-of-the-art simulators to emulate potential situations.
    • In Geismar, USA, Methanex participated in Community Awareness and Emergency Response CAER Day, an annual event that brings the emergency-response teams from the chemical manufacturers in Ascension Parish together with municipal partners, elected officials, CAP members, and others. The day included a guest speaker, a classroom session, and information sharing by vendors, as well as a showcase of the various response vehicles operated by the participating agencies. The event demonstrated that emergency response is most effective when it is part of a strong mutual aid network.
    CAER Day Geismar

    CAER Day booth in Geismar