Our Approach: Community

As a leader in Responsible Care, we are committed to people and to the environment in which we live, work, and play. We believe our business must have a positive impact on people’s lives, and we strive to be a respected neighbour and valued corporate citizen by creating positive and sustainable impacts in the communities and regions where we have a significant presence.

Why this matters

Communities have the right to understand both the benefits and risks of our business. From a business perspective, our community-relations efforts support our growth and operations by enabling us to build and maintain our social license to operate. A strong commitment to giving back to our communities also aligns with our core values and culture, supports employee attraction, engagement, and retention, and builds positive relationships with key stakeholders.

How we are managing it

We are guided by the Responsible Care Ethic and Principles for Sustainability and the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) Responsible Care Codes of Practice. Our community policies and Community Dialogue Standard align with the Accountability Code of Practice and set out communication and engagement goals and actions for building positive relationships in our communities. We consistently endeavor to understand community interests, communicate information about our product and our business activities, and address community concerns.

Consultation & Communication with our Communities

We have community advisory panels (CAPs) in our manufacturing locations. These panels encourage communication and transparency between Methanex and our communities. We hold CAP meetings three to five times per year to share information about plant operations and seek input on our community programs. Other community dialogue channels include stakeholder associations, open-house days, community projects, seminars, local surveys, public meetings, conferences, and grievance-response mechanisms.

Contributions to Communities

Through our business activities and tax payments, we contribute to local economies by employing people (directly and indirectly) and by purchasing goods and services from local suppliers. In addition, we regularly provide financial contributions and volunteer time to support community programs, services, and events. Employee-run social responsibility committees at our locations around the world identify local needs and develop community investment strategies to support these needs.

Community Investment and Volunteering

Through our social responsibility investment programs, our company and team members give back to their local communities in ways that are aligned with our core values, our culture, and our business strategy. We are extremely proud of the generosity and spirit of our team members. Every year, team members give thousands of hours of volunteer time—as teams and as individuals—to create positive impacts in local regions. In addition to supporting local communities, team members work together to build stronger connections with each other.

We have three areas of focus for our global community investment and volunteering efforts:

Partnership with Employees – Working together as One Team is an essential part of our culture. We believe we do our best work together, and we work together as one team to impact both our company and our local communities. Employees are our greatest asset and our best ambassadors. To support our team members and the community causes they care about, we match employee donations and support their volunteer efforts both on and off business hours.

Responsible Care – In alignment with the principles of Responsible Care, we provide funding and volunteer help to support programs that focus on health and wellness, safety, environmental protection, and the unique community needs of each region where we do business.

Education – We are an innovative learning organization that strives for continuous improvement and growth. We support education efforts that contribute to regional education initiatives and help us develop a skilled workforce, to improve productivity and drive business growth. These efforts include scholarships, co-op opportunities, and summer employment for students who are pursuing studies in engineering, environmental studies, marketing, public affairs, and international business. We also provide funding for academic research aligned with our business areas.

Community Awareness and Emergency Response

The safety and well-being of our communities, employees, and contractors is our number one priority. We work with local emergency responders, agencies, and service providers to share information about potential health and environmental hazards related to our product and operations. Our goal is to work with communities on emergency-response training and planning programs, including effective road, rail, pipeline, and marine emergency preparedness and response, for transportation incidents that may occur.

Our global transportation emergency-response standards are based on the CIAC Transportation Emergency Assistance Plan (TEAP III). These standards enable us to work with qualified local emergency responders, emergency response service providers, and other agencies to effectively respond to potential emergency situations. Each manufacturing region and site shares emergency-response plan information with the community, provides training to emergency responders on methanol incidents, and participates with partners in joint emergency response training exercises.

We also align our response plans with the Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response (TRANSCAER®) initiative. TRANSCAER members are industry associations in Canada and the USA representing manufacturers, distributors, transportation companies, and emergency responders along our product’s transportation routes. TRANSCAER members work with municipalities, emergency responders, and residents in communities to make sure they are informed about the products being moved through their area and prepared to respond to potential incidents involving dangerous goods. Find out more about TRANSCAER–Canada and TRANSCAER in the USA.