36% reduction in CO₂ emissions intensity from manufacturing since inception of Methanex Corporation

18% decrease in CO₂ emissions intensity from marine shipping since 2002

0 significant spills to the environment in 2018

CO₂ Emissions and Energy Consumption

  • We continue to reduce our CO₂ emissions intensity from manufacturing.

  • Chile

    Increasing production in Chile while minimizing emissions intensity

    Chile plant with ship

    A reliable source of natural gas is critical for efficient methanol production. When plants have intermittent gas supply issues, they may either operate at reduced capacity or be shut down temporarily. Interruptions to production result in increased energy consumption and corresponding CO₂ emissions.

    In Chile, we signed agreements with four natural gas suppliers. Together with existing gas agreements, this will allow us to maintain a two-plant operation and annual production at rates up to 75% capacity in the near future.  This means we can produce  methanol more efficiently while also minimizing CO₂ emissions intensity.

  • We saw a moderate increase in CO₂ emissions intensity from marine shipping.