Industry Collaboration and Responsible Care Advocacy

  • Our methanol safety programs reached record numbers of people and organizations around the world.

    Globally, we conducted 80 methanol safety seminars with 747 organizations, directly reaching a total of 2,739 people worldwide with information about methanol and safe handling practices.

    • Methanex Europe held 24 Responsible Care sharing sessions with partners, reaching 109 different organizations. We also led several customer workshops to build synergies and create learning opportunities in Responsible Care. At the Gulf Petrochemical and Chemicals Association (GPCA) conference in Dubai (see sidebar below), we presented our vision of safety along the supply chain, and took an active role in a workshop on product stewardship codes. At a Responsible Care seminar in Turkey, we invited two of our service providers to speak on the importance of emergency preparedness and incident investigation.
    • A distribution forum in East China was attended by 80 participants from more than 25 downstream partners, including customers, distributors, terminals, and truck companies. The forum addressed practical approaches to truck maintenance, driver training, and transportation route risk assessments, as well as emergency response preparedness.
    East China Distribution Forum

    Value-chain partners share best practices at the East China Distribution Forum.

    • In Chile, we increased training at our Cabo Negro terminal in Punta Arenas, due to an increase in loading operations. Altogether, 238 people were trained in Responsible Care and safe practices for handling methanol. Once again, we presented on safe handling in a global market at Brazil’s Biodiesel BR Conference, the largest congress of its kind in the region. We completed and tested the first two modules of our online Responsible Care training program; this will be launched in 2019 on the Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS) website as a joint effort between ACHS and ASIQUIM Responsible Care committee. This training will be accessible to Chilean companies in the chemical sector.
    Fernando Reinecke speaks at 2018 Biodiesel Congress in Brazil

    Fernando Reinecke speaks about methanol safety at the 2018 Biodiesel Congress in Brazil.

    • Our North America team hosted 80 participants at two safety webinars. Each attendee received a thumb drive containing an incident management checklist, a safe handling presentation, and a chemical compatibility guide. The webinars have proven to be effective in reaching larger groups within our supply chain, without requiring travel. We intend to do more of these in the future.
  • GPCA

    Promoting supply chain safety and emergency preparedness in the Middle East

    GPCA RC Conference 2018

    Photo courtesy of the GPCA

    In alignment with our mandate to promote awareness of Responsible Care and inspire others to commit to Responsible Care principles, we presented at the 2018 Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) conference in Dubai. The conference was attended by 174 people from 68 companies in 13 different countries.

    We shared our experiences in building Responsible Care practices within the Waterfront Shipping fleet through training programs for crew members and initiatives to enhance crew well-being. We also shared effective communication strategies for emergency response, including the need for strong supply chain partnerships and emergency response plans.

  • Customers

    Hands-on Responsible Care seminar in Edmonton

    In September 2018, our Marketing and Logistics team in Dallas hosted our first-ever interactive Responsible Care seminar for customers in Edmonton, Canada.

    Customers and Methanex staff in Edmonton
    Customers and Methanex staff, following the hands-on demonstrations

    Topics and activities at the seminar included the use of personal protective equipment, a live demonstration of mock methanol fire extinguishment, and opportunities to see and handle operational equipment such as handle hoses, gaskets, and O-rings. Each attendee was provided with a compatibility guide for the use of methanol in typical operation environments.

    The overwhelming success of this event led to announcement of an interactive seminar in 2019 to expand these education/outreach efforts and provide more customer-specific, onsite training opportunities.

  • seminar

    Bringing Responsible Care to university students in China

    We strongly believe the principles of Responsible Care should be shared with students who are embarking on careers in the chemical industry.

    Since 2010, we have been hosting Responsible Care seminars at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) and the Taiyuan University of Technology (TUT). To date, approximately 800 undergraduate students at our seminars have learned about Responsible Care, methanol safety, methanol energy applications, and the environmental benefits of methanol.

    seminar at Beijing University of Chemical Technology

    Responsible Care seminar at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)

    This university seminar concept was shared with the Association of Chemical Manufacturers, which has established a similar program with its member companies.

    The sharing precedent of this program was further advanced when we engaged BUCT and TUT scholarship winners as student mentors, to share their understanding of Responsible Care with their fellow students.

  • As a member of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC), we continued to elevate safe distribution standards across North America.

    In 2018, through RDC’s Regional Distribution committee, we developed Transloading Guidelines for safer cargo transfer operations. (Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another.) We also advocated for the adoption of these guidelines across the RDC.

    As a result, the Transloading Guidelines are being incorporated into Canada’s RDC guidelines. In the U.S., many of our distributors have begun to incorporate similar guidelines and standards into their operations. This has resulted in significant improvements to the systems that support and facilitate safe transloading operations.

    All of our Canadian distributors (and many of our U.S. distributors) are RDC certified.

  • We launched a Methanol Safe Handling Guidebook for the use of methanol as an industrial boiler fuel in North China.

    launch of Methanol Methanol Safe Handling Guidebook in China

    In partnership with industry associations and stakeholders, we launched China’s first-ever Methanol Safe Handling Guidebook at a Responsible Care seminar. This guidebook helps support safety standards for the country’s transition to methanol-fueled industrial boilers from coal (the traditional energy source for boilers in the region).

  • We collaborated with the Methanol Institute to produce an updated video on safe handling of methanol.

    We collaborated with the Methanol Institute to create a new video to promote safe practices for anyone handling methanol. This includes workers in methanol plants, distributors, chemical and energy consumers, first responders, and the general public. This video provides an overview of critical methanol safety information, including methanol health and fire risks, and how to mitigate them through proper safe handling procedures.

    This important video is being released in 2019.