Engaging our Stakeholders

We are committed to having an open, honest, and proactive relationship with each community in which we operate. This includes:

  • Being accountable and responsive to the public
  • Having effective processes to identify and respond to community concerns
  • Informing the community about risks associated with our operations

Our key stakeholders include:

  • Team members
  • Customers and methanol end-users
  • Shareholders
  • Industry partners, suppliers, and contractors
  • Community members and industry associations
  • Government and regulatory agencies

We engage with our stakeholders in a variety of ways:

  • Customer surveys
  • Quarterly updates
  • Reputation audits
  • Product stewardship outreach efforts and public-policy engagement initiatives
  • Community advisory panels (CAPs)
  • Methanex Community Days (which help educate the public about methanol production)
  • Team surveys
  • Collaboration with the Methanol Group (a consortium of ship owners and ship-management companies) about the marine transportation of methanol
  • Collaboration/consultation on labour, community, and environmental practices
  • Advocacy work relating to environmental policies, health and safety regulations, international trade, and taxation issues
  • Industry associations (e.g., the Methanol Institute)