Methanol as Vehicle Fuel

  • Methanex continued to support the sustainable growth of methanol as a vehicle fuel in China.

    In China, increasingly stringent air quality standards are supporting the adoption of methanol as a clean-burning vehicle fuel. Methanol fuel significantly reduces air pollutants when used in place of gasoline or diesel.

    In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) successfully completed its M100 (100% methanol fuel) national vehicle pilot program. In March 2019, together with seven other ministries in China, the MIIT published guidelines to promote the use of M100 vehicles. The guidelines will allow provinces throughout China to commercialize M100 and opens up the market to additional types of M100 vehicles, including sedans, buses, and trucks.

    Methanex has been working with automobile manufacturer Geely and other partners in two provinces in China to support the growth of M100 in this country. We helped provide training sessions in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, where approximately 10,000 new M100 taxis are expected in 2019. Similarly, in Guizhou province (where there are already more than 5,000 M100 taxis operating), we are supporting an additional 8,000 taxis in 2019.

    To support this growth, the Xi’an government also announced that M100 vehicles are eligible to use the city’s bus lanes and are exempt from the city’s road-space rationing program.

    Methanol fueled taxis

    In Xi’an city and Guizhou province, the number of methanol-fueled taxis on the road is expected to reach ~23,000 by the end of 2019.

  • M15
    Did you know?

    Methanol blends are advancing around the world

    M15 blend car-sharing fleet in Israel

    In various regions around the world, methanol blends are being commercialized for their environmental, economic, and energy security benefits.

    In India, the government is promoting the introduction of methanol fuels, including M15 (15% methanol, 85% gasoline). In Italy, an M15 blend has been introduced to fuel the car-sharing fleet “enjoy.” Israel issued an M15 national standard in 2016 and commercial blends are available at some filing stations.

    In Chile, Egypt, and New Zealand, Methanex is working with governments to complete pilots of low-level methanol fuel blends.