Building our Culture

  • We achieved our seventh successful Responsible Care verification, further strengthening our Responsible Care culture and practices.

    In 2018, after reviewing practices across our organization, the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) provided us with a successful Responsible Care reverification. In addition, the verifiers pointed out that Waterfront Shipping, a wholly owned subsidiary of Methanex, remains the only shipping company in the world to have adopted Responsible Care as its guiding code.

    This verification indicates that the Responsible Care Ethic and Principles for Sustainability are guiding our company decisions and actions, and that an innovative and reliable management system is driving continual improvement. This is our seventh successful company-wide verification since we were first verified in 1997. The report is available to the public on the CIAC website.

    Rawle Ramlochan, plant manager in Medicine Hat, accepts the CIAC Responsible Care Verification certificate.

    Rawle Ramlochan, plant manager in Medicine Hat, accepts the CIAC Responsible Care Verification certificate.

    The verification identified 49 best practices (a record number from a single verification of Methanex), 29 findings requiring action, and 22 improvement opportunities. Some of the identified best practices included quarterly CEO communication sessions and blog, active community advisory panels (CAPs), our Process Safety Management Handbook and safety case technique for risk management, and our Safe Trans-loading Program (for transfer of cargo from one mode of transportation to another).

    The verification is both an affirmation and a learning opportunity, which we embrace as part of our journey toward operational excellence and Responsible Care leadership in methanol production.

  • Virginie

    Promoting Responsible Care from Brussels

    While Responsible Care has very specific applications in the manufacturing setting, its stewardship practices have a place in every role across the organization.

    In our marketing and logistics offices in Brussels, recognition of the importance of a Responsible Care effort in all roles has led to a unique initiative: as part of their development goals, each employee now has a Responsible Care objective. In 2018, as part of the initiative, two colleagues were recognized with Responsible Care Awards for their personal contributions to Responsible Care.

    Nicolas Guillaume, manager in Supply Chain and Logistics, was named Responsible Care Ambassador 2018 for work he did in relation to emergency response and terminal assessments. Virginie Vandrille, business controller with the Finance Department, was named Responsible Care Rising Star 2018. Virginie made meaningful contributions related to incident management, analytics for surveyor work, and safety moments during staff meetings.

    Nicolas Guillaume
    Virginie Vandrille
  • We expanded our Switch On safety culture program to reach contractors and re-engage employees and leadership.

    Our Switch On to Responsible Care program focuses on building a strong safety culture. After training most of the organization in 2016 and 2017, we rolled it out to our contractors in 2018.

    For those who had already been through the program, we introduced a new iteration called “Staying Switched On” to reinforce a culture of sharing, mindfulness, and individual empowerment in working safely. This new module included 10 “toolkits” of supporting materials for use in toolbox meetings and everyday conversations about safety. Our manufacturing regions have begun using the kits to support safety awareness campaigns, orientation programs, and turnaround preparations.

    Staying Switched On

    The visibility of leaders in safety programs—their involvement and their conversations with staff and contractors—is an important driving force in a strong safety culture. In 2018, we held a half-day Switch On training session for senior leaders, which included participation by the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership team. The session provided participants with the principles and language of our global Switch On program, enabling them to engage in safety conversations and lead in establishing a safety culture.

  • Pride

    Pride in Methanex Culture

    Pride in Methanex Culture

    In 2018, we conducted our biennial Global Employee and Culture Survey and were delighted to see a 91% participation rate. This far exceeds the average participation rate reported by AskYourTeam, the company that conducts our surveys.

    We are also proud that we maintained or improved our scores around our culture, which included questions about our values and Responsible Care. Responses indicated a strong belief in the company’s commitment to Responsible Care and to the priority given to employee and contractor safety. These results are very encouraging and emphasize the overwhelming pride our employees take in working for Methanex.

    Feedback from our last survey (in 2016) had identified improvement opportunities in three areas: learning and development, information technology, and project management. In 2018, we used the survey to measure progress in these areas and gain insights on further improvements needed. Based on the latest feedback, we will implement more changes next year, including more leadership development, increased training on new IT developments for staff, and shared processes and tools to improve delivery of capital projects.

  • We were awarded Best New Employer by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

    In June 2018, Methanex in Shanghai was honoured to receive recognition from the China Europe International Business School as the Best New Employer for 2017–2018. CEIBS was cofounded by the Chinese government and the European Union in 1994, and its MBA program has been ranked in the Top 25 of the Financial Times’ annual global business school survey for 14 consecutive years (2005–2018) of its 23-year history.

    China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

    Methanex has held recruitment and campus talks, and supported events and campaigns, at CEIBS. In March 2018, Sarah Boon, Methanex Director, Corporate Services (Hong Kong), spoke at the CEIBS MBA Women’s Leadership Forum on initiatives that support women in organizations, and approaches to fostering women in leadership in China.

    Partnership with CEIBS is an important part of our recruitment strategy in Asia Pacific and demonstrates our commitment to supporting education organizations through our social responsibility programs.