Our Approach: Workplace Health and Safety

We have comprehensive health and safety programs to ensure the safety of our employees and contractors in every area of our global operations.

Why this matters

As the world’s largest producer and supplier of methanol, we understand how critical it is to ensure that our employees and contractors are working in a safe environment and are not exposed to potentially harmful hazards. We care deeply that all of our people go home safely every day.

How we are managing it

We firmly believe that all work-related injuries and illnesses are preventable. Safety is our top priority and our primary goal is a zero-injury workplace. This is the foundation on which we design our Responsible Care management systems, execute core safety programs, and maintain a strong safety culture.

Global Integrated Management System

Our Global Integrated Management System (GIMS) helps us implement our Responsible Care Ethic and Principles for Sustainability. Its requirements meet or exceed the latest management system standards for quality (ISO 9001:2015), environment (ISO 14001:2015), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001:20070), and process safety (Center for Chemical Process Safety). This integrated management system focuses on the recognition and mitigation of hazards in our process and across all site activities.

The GIMS is implemented by teams made up of Responsible Care and Quality leaders and technical practitioners in all regions who develop and implement safety standards and initiatives across our sites.

Process Safety Management Program

Our Process Safety Management (PSM) program is devoted to safely containing hazardous materials within the plant systems. We use the Center for Chemical Process Safety’s (CCPS) Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety to benchmark best practices with our peer companies and to guide the development of our global and regional programs.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our occupational health and safety program focuses on the safe execution of all work at our sites and consists of several major elements that impact every stage of the work cycle. These include identification and management of job-specific hazards, worker competency and training, work-permitting systems, job supervision, compliance monitoring, and contractor management.

Our Critical Activities, Rules, and Expectations (CARE) standard identifies the activities that present the greatest risk to workers and the actions required to work safely and avoid significant injury. CARE applies to both employees and contractors, to add a critical layer of protection against the most serious injuries that can occur on a manufacturing site.

Safety Culture

To support our core safety programs, we have multiple initiatives that focus specifically on work behaviours. Human-factors and behaviour-based safety programs focus on safe behaviours, accountability, and the interface between people and the work environment. Our Switch On to Responsible Care safety culture program reminds people of their own personal reasons for working safely and enlists their commitment for doing just that. Responsible Care leadership programs focus on inspiring each person to take responsibility for Responsible Care and promote visible and effective Responsible Care leadership from management.

Learning and continual improvement are key pieces of our culture. They are principles that shape our incident-management program and the sharing of lessons learned from incidents, which generates systemic changes throughout the organization, helping to eliminate vulnerabilities in regions beyond where an incident occurred.

Healthy Workplace

We have a variety of global health initiatives supporting the well-being of our staff. These include a Health and Fitness to Work Network, a global forum enabling Methanex health professionals to share information across the organization and establish core Health program elements, screening programs, and awareness campaigns tailored to regional needs.

Contractor Management

Our Contractor Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality Management Standard defines how we manage the work of these valued partners on our work sites. Processes for their pre-qualification, onboarding, job planning, and risk management are focused on setting them up to do their work safely and in compliance with our standards.

Methanex policies, standards, and procedures relevant to a contractor’s work are communicated as part of the contracting process. Contractors are held accountable for their compliance with our expectations, but we hold ourselves accountable for bringing them into our safety culture, sharing Responsible Care values with them, and being a partner to them during their time on site.

Our Approach: Talent Management

We are invested in providing rich learning experiences and opportunities so we can continue to attract and retain a talented, thriving workforce that shares our company’s values and vision and works together as One Team to deliver our business strategy.

Why this matters

Our people are critical to our success in every area of our business. Maintaining our leadership position means continuously developing our people and ensuring that they have the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to maximize their potential and deliver our business strategy.

How we manage talent

Our Employee Value Proposition supports our workplace programs through three pillars:

Talented Team: Creating a team of exceptional people who are agile, driven, and caring, enabling us to work together across functions, disciplines, and regions toward our shared vision

Powerful Impact: Enabling employees to create a real impact through a diverse range of innovative and challenging projects

Bright Future: Continuously growing and developing our people, and ensuring they have the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to maximize their potential

We focus on building leadership capacity and implementing effective talent-development programs to support and develop new and existing employees and to successfully deliver on our strategy. These programs include:

Leadership Development

The Global Leadership Suite is an integrated set of signature leadership-development programs customized for leaders at all levels of the organization. It consists of the Executive Leadership Program, the Courageous Leadership Program, the Centre for Creative Leadership Global Leadership Forum, Methanex Leadership Essentials, and the High-IMPACT Coaching and Mentoring Program. In addition to completing a formal learning program, participants build a network of high-performing peers to enable future growth and collaboration.

On-the-job Learning and Development Opportunities

It remains our goal to have a company-wide framework that provides a pipeline for developing employees with multi-disciplinary capabilities and leadership potential.

One of the ways we do this is through our Global Mobility Program, which promotes knowledge and cultural exchange. Through this program, employees can undertake a temporary or permanent position at another global location or business function. These assignments aid in employee growth by transfer of specialized skills, accelerating personal and professional development and promoting our “One Team” philosophy. It is a key strategic enabler to build capability and strengthen our technical and leadership bench strength, while facilitating effective and efficient utilization of our employees across geographies.

Diversity Program

Our Methanex Diversity Policy identifies three key diversity attributes—experiential, demographic, and personal—that enhance and improve our organization by creating a balance of skills, experience, perspective, and knowledge. The policy recognizes the importance of diversity, at all levels of the company for organizational effectiveness, and our talent-management programs foster diversity in our teams of people.

Graduates in Training

Our Graduate in Training Program is a two-year development program designed to foster leadership and professional growth among recent engineering graduates in the areas of technical, commercial, environmental, and interpersonal skills. Through the program, graduates have the opportunity to work on cross-functional engineering projects, providing them with broad exposure to many areas of the business.

In addition to functional and technical capabilities and leadership development, each graduate receives a personalized, behaviour-focused development plan that includes coaching and assessment tools. They also receive support from a cross-functional team to ensure a successful transition from the university setting into our work culture.

Employee Engagement

We periodically conduct Employee Engagement and Culture Surveys to see how invested team members are in their workplaces and determine where employee concerns lie. We look hard at the feedback received, then take action to strengthen our culture and improve our workplaces.

Overall the message from our employees in recent surveys is clear: We need to keep doing what we’re doing, increase communication and consultation (particularly around changes to work scopes or projects that may have Responsible Care implications), and continuing learning and development efforts.

Fostering Teamwork and Social Responsibility through Employee Volunteering

Methanex partners with employees who contribute financially or as volunteers to organizations within their community. This partnership can be in the form of matching financial donations, providing corporate support for fundraising opportunities, or coordinating volunteer events in which other Methanex employees can participate. By committing our time through volunteering, we make a real difference in the communities where we operate and, at the same time, work together to build stronger connections with our colleagues. (Please see the Community chapter for more information.)