Talent Management

  • Our commitment to building leadership capability is evident in the growth of our Global Leadership Suite of learning and development programs.

    Through our Global Leadership Suite, we spent 7,368 hours building leadership capability across different levels of the organization.

    • 134 emerging leaders participated in 21 two-hour sessions throughout our regions, learning practical, easy-to-apply leadership skills.
    • 25 attended the Global Leadership Forum through the Centre for Creative Leadership and gained insight and perspective that helps them tap into their leadership potential and develop key leadership skills.
    • 17 mid-level leaders participated in a three-week experiential-learning session, called Courageous Leadership. In this program, leaders explore the specific challenges and opportunities of leading within a global organization.
    • 34 leaders participated in our High-IMPACT Coaching and Mentoring program. (See highlight below.)

    These programs complement regional training plans and activities that focus on developing specific competencies and skill sets. They also provide opportunity for global network building and sharing of best practices across locations.

    The cohort of emerging leaders from the 2018 Centre for Creative Leadership program in San Diego

    The cohort of emerging leaders from the 2018 Centre for Creative Leadership program in San Diego

  • In 2018, we integrated our High-IMPACT Coaching and Mentoring program with the Global Leadership Suite.

    Having successfully piloted the High-IMPACT Coaching and Mentoring program in 2017, in 2018 we expanded the program across the broader organization as a new offering within our Global Leadership Suite. This program creates a foundation for a shared and sustainable coaching and mentoring style for the business. It is based on a model that uses an inquiry process to help team members find solutions and realize their potential for high performance, while helping them achieve goals and support the organization’s execution of its strategy.

    In 2018, three new coaching cohorts were formed. Altogether a total of 34 coaches invested approximately 60 hours in self-development and on-the-job practice, after being paired with 41 trainees. In 2019, three more coaching cohorts will be rolled out, increasing our coaching bench to approximately 75.

    According to feedback received from the coaches, the most valuable program outcomes were skills gained in active listening, open-ended questioning, and problem solving. Managers reported that trainees improved their ability to support their teams. Others cited execution of projects and leadership transitions as areas where positive impacts were observed as a result of the program.

    Coaches and coachees from the High-IMPACT Coaching and Mentoring Program

    Coaches and coachees from the High-IMPACT Coaching and Mentoring Program

  • We refocused our learning and development programs to better respond to employee needs.

    Our 2018 Employee Culture and Engagement Survey used targeted questions to gauge whether our employees feel that the learning and development measures we’ve taken since 2016 are making improvements. The results told us that employees and leaders value the support they receive, but we can be more consistent in how support resources are tailored to individual employee careers and their unique skills.

    In 2018, we provided more deliberate guidance to help managers be more effective in developing employees to reach their potential while enabling the business to achieve strategic goals. This new guidance is being applied in annual career- and development-planning conversations as part of the goal-setting programs we have had in place for years.

    During these conversations, employees and managers discuss strengths, development opportunities, and career aspirations. They then agree on an action plan to support continued development through a balanced mix of learning styles: 70% on-the-job experience, 20% learning from other people, and 10% formal or structured learning.

    Employee development has long been a key pillar of our culture. The survey results are helping us be more deliberate about where we should focus and how we’ll measure our success going forward.

    Two Employees meeting in Trinidad and Tobago
  • 77 of our team members traveled to work in Methanex locations around the globe, supporting business needs, building networks, and gaining experience at the same time.

    In 2018, through our Global Mobility program, 77 of our team members had the opportunity to work outside their home countries. This is more than double the number of people in last year’s Global Mobility movement and included both short- and long-term assignments and support for plant projects, maintenance turnarounds, and other business initiatives.

    The Global Mobility program supports our business strategy of developing talent through extended business travel experiences and assignments, optimizing both business performance and individual development. Team members gain expertise in a new setting while simultaneously learning about operations in another region and culture. Assignments allow our host teams to experience greater diversity and fresh ideas, enhancing knowledge and culture at the same time.

    Animated global mobility map showing the movement of 77 team members